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Antitrust investigations

Assisting clients in antitrust investigations (cartel, exchange of sensitive information between competitors, abuse of dominant positions). Negotiating leniency agreements and consent decrees.


Merger review

Advice on clearance of transactions with Brazilian competition authority (Administrative Council for Economic Defense – CADE). Assisting third parties related to the transaction. Negotiating settlement agreements (ACCs).


Private antitrust litigation

Conducting measures related to private enforcement of antitrust law, including civil liability claims, cease-and-desist orders and judicial review of administrative decisions.


Preventive measures

Developing antitrust compliance programs and implementing training sessions.


Complex agreements

Negotiating and preparing contracts related to long-term projects (both greenfield and brownfield).


Commercial and operation agreements

Analyzing, preparing and reviewing commercial and operation contracts related to each market.


Financial agreements

Preparing and reviewing financial agreements and other ancillary agreements.


Ordinary agreements

Preparing and reviewing ordinary both services agreements and supply agreements.



Compliance program

Developing compliance programmes in Brazil or adapting headquarters’ guidelines to the reality and regulation applicable to the Brazilian subsidiary, and conducting training sessions for employees.


Internal investigation

Conducting interviews with employees and third parties, and internal investigations in cases relating to governmental officials or private players.


Third-party control

Performing due diligence and analysis of third parties (both service providers and suppliers), according to their relevance and level of interaction with governmental officials.


Civil and administrative claims

Assisting clients during official investigations, negotiating settlements and leniency agreements.


Corporate documents

Incorporating companies for national and international clients, preparing corporate documents (minutes of Shareholders’ General Meetings, Board of Directors’ Meetings, Officers’ Meetings, Bylaws; Articles of Association and their amendments) and filing these with Commercial Registry and other relevant governmental authorities.


Corporate relationship

Preparing and negotiating shareholders’ agreements to rule the relationship between the shareholders; structuring family holding company.


Corporate transactions

Planning and implementing corporate transactions (merger, amalgamation, spin-off), restructuring and liquidation.


Mergers & Acquisitions – M&A

Structuring investment or disinvestment transactions, including performance of due diligence and negotiation of relevant transaction agreements (purchase and sale of shares or assets; transfer of establishment).


Legal advice

Monitoring compliance of environmental law. Preparing, negotiating and reviewing contractual provisions. Conducting environmental due diligence.


Environmental licensing

Coordinating and monitoring procedures, including the revision of relevant studies.


Interaction with stakeholders

Designing interaction strategies and assisting with disputes and negotiations for players involved in environmental issues.


Judicial and administrative claims

Assisting clients with civil, administrative and criminal cases. Negotiating consent decrees and settlements.



Assisting clients to register trademarks with the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (INPI).



Advising clients in respect of patent applications.


Agreements and Franchising

Negotiating IP licensing agreements, technology process and franchising.


Unfair competition

Assisting clients in unfair competition and trade dress cases (passing off).



Advising clients on enforcement of copyright.



Civil litigation

Assisting clients in connection with litigation in Brazilian courts.


Guarantee enforcement

Enforcing guarantees (protest, arrest, mortgage, fiduciary alienation, promissory note, acknowledgment of debt, extrajudicial enforcement instrument).



Conducting negotiations between parties seeking alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.


Arbitration (national and international)

Assisting clients with arbitrations in the main national and international chambers, including CCBB, ICC, FOSFA and GAFTA.


Real estate due diligence

Analyzing the legal status of property ownership, burden and liens.


Project structuring

Structuring real estate projects, including allotments and shopping centers.


Real estate agreements and guarantees

Preparing and reviewing deeds of purchase and sale, private instruments of purchase and sale commitment and lease agreements. Assisting clients to structure and negotiate property guarantees, such as mortgage and fiduciary alienation.


Property restrictions

Structuring alternative solutions for acquisition of rural property by foreigners, negotiating with local governmental authorities and Development Councils (Industrial Districts).

Privacy and Data Protection

LGPD compliance and preemptive measures

Drafting and establishing a complete compliance plan according to the Brazilian General Data Protection (LGPD). Doing compliance’s training to the clients’ staff and personnel. 

Data protection and privacy consultancy

Reviewing the client’s compliance with the data protection and privacy laws. Assessing the client’s risk in a data breach violation. 

Administrative and judicial claims

Assisting clients with noticing data breach violations to the Brazilian National Data Protection Authority – ANPD and the data subjects. Assisting clients in judicial claims. Assisting clients with judicial or extrajudicial negotiations. 

Agreements, terms and conditions and policies

Drafting and reviewing data protection and privacy clauses in clients’ agreements. Drafting and reviewing policies and terms of uses.

Data Protection Officer – DPO

DPO as a service. Legal support to the clients’ DPO.

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